Horse Nutrition Consultation

Purcellville, VA

Are you getting the most out of your feeding program? Our employees have specialized and extensive knowledge and experience in equine nutrition. As well as weight management, breeding practices, medication, fly control, and showmanship. Stop in our store in Purcellville, VA or give us a call to start a nutritional consultation with our Equine Nutrition Specialist today!

We will come out to your farm and evaluate your horse's condition and feeding programs free of charge. If you are uncomfortable with us coming to your farm due to COVID, please give us a call to set up a meeting at the store! I always prefer to get my hands on the horse for a proper evaluation, but pictures and a list of what you are currently feeding will go a long way as well!

I look forward to meeting you and your horse,

Alli Schatzley 

Equine Nutrition Sales Specialist

Purcellville Southern States


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