Am I Feeding My Horse for Longevity and Success?

Definition of Longevity

Long existence or service.

Definition of Success

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

When you put the two definitions together, incorporating that with equestrians and their horses, what is the common denominator? Some might say it’s having best trainers, the best gear, the best veterinarians, or even the best horse. Yet, if you’re striving for longevity and success for your horse, the common denominator is actually nutrition. You can have all the best of the best, but if you’re not fueling those goals with the proper nutrition, your horse will fall short of finishing, let alone winning.

How do I know my current feeding program is the “right” one?

There is more than one way to feed a horse successfully. Trying to find the “right” program for your horse is fully dependent on your horse. A few considerations are:

  • Body Condition Score (BCS)
  • Recovery after exercise (intense training or trail ride) or competition (local show or endurance race)
  • Coat appearance (dull, lack luster?)
  • Happiness of the horse (are they thriving in their line of work?)

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