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Hello! I’m Southern State’s Equine Nutrition Sales Specialist, Alli Schatzley, and my life’s passion is helping you feed your horse for success and longevity. I’ve spent my entire life in the horse industry, starting out taking lessons same as any young horse-crazy girl. Then years later, I took advantage of the new advancements in equine nutrition research with an internship from Kentucky Equine Research, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Equine management, emphasized in nutrition from the University of Wisconsin River Falls and continuing my education with Legacy Equine Nutrition online. I’m constantly learning and will be the first to admit, I don’t know everything which is perfect for this industry. Everyone has something to offer.

I have one horse of my own, a reining and roping bred Quarter Horse named Trigger that has inspired my devotion to equine obesity and educating others on the importance of not “loving your horse to death”. I am unbiased and science based so the best result for you and your horse is always my first priority.

That will be the goal of this weekly newsletter too! Providing answers driven by scientific facts and backed with research from universities and private practices. The topics will cover everything equine, from head to hoof! If you have any topics or questions already, please feel free to utilize the contact information down below and I look forward to meeting every single one of you.


Alli Schatzley

Equine Nutrition Sales Specialist

Southern States Loudon County Coop – Purcellville, VA


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