American Excelsior Company® AEC Premier Straw®. - 8ft x 112.5ft - 0.50lb/sq yd - Erosion Control Blanket

American Excelsior Company®

American Excelsior realizes that project owners, consultants, specifiers, and landscape contractors wish to have a choice when selecting erosion control blankets. That is why American Excelsior Company, the inventor of biodegradable erosion control blankets, manufactures both straw and excelsior blankets.

Our AEC Premier blanket manufacturing process starts with choosing the finest quality agricultural straw fibers. A single or double net is then stitched to the topside or both sides of the blanket. A variety of nettings are available depending on your project requirements. We offer a green color-coded plastic netting for applications requiring UV resistance, strength, and longevity. Our photo-degradable QuickMow™ netting is recommended for urban use and is a very popular choice on certain roadside projects. It is color-coded white to identify it as a rapidbreakdown, polypropylene netting designed for use in areas to be mowed. Also available is our FibreNet™ 100% biodegradable netting for use in critical
environmentally sensitive areas.

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