American Wood Fibers Wood Fuel Pellets 20 lb

American Wood Fibers

Almost a million homes in the U.S. use wood pellets for heat—in freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts, furnaces, and boilers. Wood pellets are an effective, economical, and natural way to heat your home.

Pellets are a popular, clean-burning home heating alternative made of renewable resources and currently used throughout the world. As a biomass product, pellets are made from recycled wood. As a result, the price of this cost-efficient fuel is remarkably stable—unlike oil and natural gas—so you avoid unexpected and unpleasant price hikes that can ruin your heating budget.

Pellet fuel is:

An all-natural, efficient way to heat your home
An effective environmental solution that converts millions of tons of potential landfill waste into energy
A significant cost-savings fuel for large-scale environments such as schools, universities, and power plants
At American Wood Fibers, we’re proud to produce premium hardwood and ultra premium softwood pellets, which meet the highest industry standards. By combining our extensive wood fiber experience and the latest in processing technology, we provide pellets that burn longer and burn hotter. All of our pellets are PFI Graded Premium Fuel complying with EPA regulations.

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