Applied Biochemists Aquatic Adjuvant Non-ionic Surfactant Activator 32 oz

Applied Biochemists

Amp↑™ Activator is a concentrated blend of proteins and surfactants designed to improve the efficacy of aquatic pesticides.

Improves efficacy of both aquatic herbicides and algaecides
Patented method for controlling nuisance aquatic plants using peptides (US10010076)
Helps kill tolerant weeds like hybrid milfoil
Ideal when using a pre-treatment to pesticide application
Field trial: adding Amp↑™ Activator at 1 gal./acre-ft to a Harpoon® Aquatic Herbicide Hydrilla application, increased the biomass reduction from 67% to 83%
Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water

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