Dimex EasyFlex LandShark Pound-In Landscape Edging, 20' L


EasyFlex® Pound-In Landscape Edging allows do-it-yourselfers to vary the height of their edging installation from just 0.5″ up to 2.5″ tall. The bottom “teeth” are tapered in thickness and alternate in size to provide easier penetration into the ground with minimal digging. Dimex is the only manufacturer to offer pound-in landscape edging in a continuous coil design which minimizes connection points versus shorter length competitive pound-in products.


Designed to pound into the ground with a rubber mallet
Project kits include edging and 2 heavy-duty anchoring stakes
Boxed coils are available in 12′ and 20′ lengths
Longer length coils minimize spliced connections between pieces and their compact form allows them to be shipped and handled easily and efficiently
Manufactured in the USA from recycled polyethylene compound
U.S. Patent No. D776,834 & Canadian Patent No. 170571

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