Evolved Deer Cane Black Magic®


Black Magic™ is a premium formulation of our popular Deer Cane® that blends natural molasses flavors into the mix for even greater attracting power. Available in a concentrated mix, time-release block and ready-to-use liquid.

Our most popular mineral enhanced with molasses
Draws deer in and keeps them coming back
Super dense mineral concentration
Establish or maintain active mineral sites quickly and easily
Works year-round
Soaks deep into ground for long-lasting power
Powder formula provides maximum coverage
Begins working immediately upon application
Apply directly to ground or use as a concentrate
Site Selection Tips
Select a shaded area near active deer crossings
Sandy soils will leach minerals sooner than heavy clay-type soils
Allow for a total site diameter of 10 feet
Create two sites per 100 acres

Directions For Use
Clear all debris in a 4-foot diameter
Loosen soil once area has been cleared
Spread mineral contents over the site
For instant results, mix bag contents with 6-8 gallons of water and apply liquid to site

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