Garden Weasel Cultivator and Tiller, Durable Steel, Detachable Tines, No Bending

Garden Weasel

The Garden Weasel 90206 is the Original Garden Weasel made famous on TV, in popular culture and helping to grow the best lawns and gardens. This tiller/cultivator easily breaks apart soil while simultaneously cleaning itself with every turn of its 3 interchangeable rotary blade wheels. To use, simply apply the Garden Weasel to the soil and cultivate in a back-and-forth motion as the scissor like blade wheels break up the soil. Detach 1 or 2 tines for versatility on narrow garden rows. Made from Carbon Steel allowing it to cultivate twice as fast with half the effort and less strain on your back. The cultivator comes fully assembled, weighs less than 3 pounds, and is 54 ½ inches long. Cultivating is important for a healthy lawn or garden as it helps the ground breathe, absorb water, and hold seed better. We’re so confident in the toughness of our tools that we back them with a lifetime limited warranty.

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